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Annual Security Roundup

2015 has altered what we know about cybersecurity. Find out what strategies you can take to adapt to changes in data breaches,
cybercrime trends, and the Internet of Things.




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A good measure of changing trends in the computer industry is changes in cybercriminal behavior. The post-PC era is clearly here—and it’s already looking to be a more dangerous era with the acceleration of cyber attacks against mobile devices, social media platforms, and Macs in the past year.

Cybercriminals continue to enhance their tools to improve the effectiveness of cyber attacks. Tried-and-true crimeware such as the Black Hole Exploit Kit, automatic transfer systems, and ransomware have been refined and improved in ways that demonstrate how malware development has become increasingly professional in rigor, discipline, and methodology.

We see this sophistication play out particularly in highly targeted, advanced persistent threats that are fast becoming the cyber threats to lose sleep over because traditional detection and prevention tools are no longer adequate.

Our threat research experts track and analyse not only threat activity, but the threat actors themselves, to provide deep understanding of cyber threats and the criminals who perpetrate the attacks.

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