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First Line of Defence: SMB August 2012 Newsletter

New! Secure Hosted Solution Using Windows Server 2012 Essentials

With more cyber attacks targeting small businesses, Trend Micro is continually working with partners to update our security products and keep your business protected. We recently teamed up with Microsoft to deliver easy to use and manage security at a lower total cost.

Now Trend Micro™ Worry-Free™ Business Security Services is integrated into the Windows Server 2012 Essentials console to give small businesses advanced protection from new and emerging cybercrime threats. Read more about the integration.

A Guide to Consumerisation & Building a BYOD Policy

There are obvious risks when employees bring their own devices to work—for both the employee and the business owner. However, there are also many benefits.

EXCERPT: An employee may be more satisfied (and, as a result, more productive) if they are allowed to use their favourite device rather than one forced upon them by their employer. Employees will also, naturally, have a greater incentive to protect their device from theft or loss if they actually own it.

Read the guide to understand the benefits of a BYOD program while avoiding the pitfalls.

Cybercriminals Find New Method to Steal Millions from Bank Accounts

As banks and other financial institutions increase security to prevent losses resulting from phishing attacks, cyber thieves respond with a new way to automate online banking fraud—automated transfer systems (ATS).

Unlike the old tactics designed to simply steal personal information, an ATS allows cybercriminals to automatically transfer funds from victims' accounts to their own accounts without leaving a trace of their presence. Learn more about ATS and what small businesses can do about them.

EVOLVE.Cloud Security Conference

Full day Trend Micro Cloud Security Conference featuring business strategies and specific customer solutions as well Partner engagement and training.

The key objective of this event is to create a thought-leadership platform where we involve and invite leaders in the virtualisation and cloud computing arena to share the stage with Trend Micro to spread the importance of Cloud Security.

A platform where we share the HOW, WHERE and WHAT to look out for in a typical Cloud Security deployment strategy.

Why attend EVOLVE.Cloud?

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Watch Event Preview


Upcoming EVOLVE.Cloud keynote speakers

Icon Evolve-rob-livingstone

Rob Livingstone Principal, Rob Livingstone Advisory Pty

Icon Evolve-andrew-milroy

Andrew Milroy Vice President, ICT Research, Frost & Sullivan

See list of full keynote speakers, click here

View Highlights from Sydney & Melbourne.

Cloud Mobile Convergence
by Dave Asprey
Trend Micro VP Cloud Security

From Devices to the Cloud
by Steve Quane
Trend Micro Chief Product Officer

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