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Trend Micro Longevity for Android

Trend Micro Longevity for Android user interface

Extend your smartphone’s battery life 

Trend Micro™ Longevity for Android™ provides smartphone users like you with a simple and effective way to enhance the battery life of your phone. Longevity features:

  • Just-a-Phone
    - Ensures you can be contacted for as long as possible
  • Power Hog App Alert
    - Warns if an app will drain your battery
  • Premium Automation
    - Takes the complexity out of smartphone power and can save you hours


Extend your battery now

Install the free version of Longevity now and test drive the premium features for 30 days.

Download from Google Play

Or, scan the QR code with your Android device

Longevity QR code


Trend Micro Longevity for Android icon

Trend Micro Longevity takes the complex task of managing smartphone battery performance and makes it easy. It will inform, alert, automate, and enable so that you can maximize the longevity of your device.

The app is designed with simplicity as a primary focus. It provides all the information you need without the complexity. The main interface tells you how much time is remaining, and allows you to have quick access to the main functions of the solution.

A single button on the widget and main interface enables you to switch off all unnecessary functions, leaving your phone to function as “Just-a-Phone.” The Just-a-Phone feature can be set up to activate automatically when it is needed most.
You only really want to be notified when something bad is happening. Pro-active alerts from Longevity include:

  • Configurable Low Power Warning – you are alerted when a pre-defined battery power threshold is reached
  • Fast Drain Alert – you are notified when the battery power reduces significantly faster than usual
  • Power Hog App Alert – you are warned immediately when they download a new app that has a poor reputation for battery usage

Feature Name



Just-a-Phone Mode
Allows you to turn your smartphone into Just-a-Phone to ensure they remain contactable for as long as possible.

premium security

premium security

Power Hog App Alerts
Leverages the Trend Micro Mobile App Reputation Technology to rate each app. As users download new apps, Longevity uses cloud intelligence to warn if a particular app will have a high impact on the battery.


premium security

A home screen widget provides a cool, fast and easy way to access the Longevity features.


premium security

Standby Saver
Conserves power when the device enters sleep or standby mode.


premium security

WiFi Saver
Automatically switches off the WiFi signal when it is not connected to a network.


premium security

Premium Just-a-Phone
Longevity Premium automates the activation of the Just-a-Phone feature, and allows customization of the function.


premium security

Fast  Drain Alert
You are alerted when the battery level drops suddenly.


premium security

Battery Status View
You can make a quick glance at the status of battery time remaining.

premium security

premium security

One-click Optimize
You can optimize the performance of the device to improve battery utilization either with one click or through customized settings.

premium security

premium security

Power Hogs Pie Chart
A friendly interactive pie chart displays which functions are using the most power.

premium security

premium security

Power Hog App List
A clear list of applications, in order of power consumption, shows you which applications have the biggest impact.

premium security

premium security

Time remaining until fully charged
When your device is recharging, Longevity displays the time remaining until it is full.

premium security

premium security

Fully Charged Alert
Longevity lets you know when it is time to take your device off the charger.


premium security


Minimum Specifications


Google Android

Operating System


Storage Space

9-MB minimum

Memory Usage



Internet Connection


English, French, German, Korean

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