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Support Services

Ensure Smooth Operations with Superior Support

When it comes to selecting a security vendor, Trend Micro makes the choice easy by providing the high-quality support services that ensure smooth operations and guarantee security success. By taking advantage of our superior support services, you can maximise your security environment and minimise threats. In the process, we’ll help you free up your own valuable IT resources to perform other critical functions.

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Key Benefits

When you choose a Trend Micro solution, you get the added protection of our superior Support Services. With Trend Micro Support Service, you can:

  • Ensure technical support whenever/wherever it’s needed
  • Empower your IT staff with advanced support resources
  • Improve security by resolving support issues faster

What Others are Saying

"Trend Micro Support Services complement my in-house staff with access to an advanced technology and security expert. We get help to resolve any support issues as quickly as possible so that we’re free to focus on other issues."

Patrick D. Heisinger, CISSP, Senior Technical Specialist, Information Systems, BJC Healthcare

Choose the Support Services that's Right for Your Organisation

Tailor support to fit your company’s security needs. Choose from the following levels:

Standard Support

  Included as part of your active maintenance agreement with Trend Micro, this level of support gives you access to our support organisation during business hours.

24x7 Standard Support

  This type of support extends Standard Support by providing round-the-clock, 365-day-per-year access to our support organisation.

24x7 Enhanced Support

  With this level of support, you get access to advanced security experts any time you need them (24x7x365), plus faster issue resolution, up to four hours of remote
  deployment and upgrade assistance, and more.

A Closer Look at Your Support Options

Key Features and Services Standard Support 24x7 Standard Support 24x7 Enhanced Support
Telephone Access to Support Engineers Business Hours 24x7 24x7
Designated Callers 3 3 4
Telephone or Web/email case opening X X X
Remote problem diagnosis and remediation support   X X
Access to Advanced Engineers     X
Priority Call Queuing     X
Remote installation and upgrade support (up to 4 hours)     X
Best Practice Guides     X
Proactive Threat Alerts     X

For customers that want a closer partnership with and/or more advanced security options from their security vendor, we recommend Trend Micro Technical Account Management Services or Project Consulting Services.

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