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Virtualisation Security for Midsize Businesses

Manageability. Business continuity. Serious protection from threats.

Master these challenges with Deep Security
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Discover agentless security designed for dynamic VMware environments

If you run IT in a midsize organisation you probably work in a hectic environment with limited resources. And that’s why you’re on the cutting edge of virtualisation—for the efficiencies of virtual machines. Even your mission-critical servers are virtualised, but challenges to manageability, business continuity, and IT security hold you back.

You can blame your legacy antivirus for the operational overhead, application outages, even exploits and data breaches—because it was designed for physical endpoints, not your virtual servers. And this mismatch causes problems.

In virtual environments, provisioning and maintaining legacy security agents increases operational overhead and take time away from other priority IT tasks. They consume additional system resources and slow down mission-critical business applications. And when it comes to sophisticated attacks, your legacy antivirus is outclassed. Malware infections and incidence response cause application outages. And there’s no way to mitigate downtime for emergency patching of critical vulnerabilities.

But there’s an agentless solution in use today by thousands of midsized companies like yours. Because when you are on the cutting edge of virtualisation you can overcome each of these challenges with Trend Micro™ Deep Security, the industry’s leading virtualisation security.

Agentless Security Built for VMware Environments

Deep Security is specifically designed for virtual environments. Its agentless architecture minimises operational complexity of security and allows organisations to accelerate virtualisation and cloud adoption.

Deep Security protects physical, virtual, and cloud servers with multiple advanced technologies including anti-malware, web reputation, integrity monitoring, and intrusion prevention to thwart sophisticated attacks and data breaches. All these advanced technologies are available in your VMware environment in one single virtual appliance managed by one single dashboard.

Deep Security improves manageability by orders of magnitude because no agents are needed in your virtual machines and new virtual machines are automatically protected. Business continuity is protected from application outages and unplanned downtime from malware infections or emergency patching.

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Deep Security Acceleration Kits for Midsize Companies

Deep Security provides the industry’s first agentless security solution for VMware.  Thousands of organisations use it today for ease of use, to ensure business continuity and for protection from sophisticated attacks. 

Trend Micro understands the challenges you face when it comes to deploying and managing complex applications. That’s why we are offering midsize companies virtualisation security software and services that fit your VMware environment.

Trend Micro™ Deep Security Acceleration Kits have everything you need to deploy virtualisation security quickly, including expert remote deployment services to make it even easier for you to get started:

  • Anti-malware--integrates at the hypervisor level to protect VMware virtual machines against viruses, spyware, trojans, and other malware with zero in-guest footprints
  • Web reputation--provides agentless web reputation on the same virtual appliance to block and protect users and applications from visiting malicious URLs
  • Integrity monitoring--monitors critical operating system and application files, as well as the hypervisor, to detect and report malicious and unexpected changes in real time.
  • Intrusion prevention —(optional) protects against known and unknown vulnerabilities and zero-day attacks by virtually patching (shielding) the vulnerabilities from unlimited exploits.


The result is that you will have an advanced virtualisation security solution that will addresses your manageability and business continuity concerns while comprehensively protecting your VMware environment. Deep Security Acceleration Kits for midsize businesses (100-1000 employees) are available through Trend Micro channel partners nationwide.

Midsized businesses like yours are winning with agentless virtualisation security. See what your peers have to say about Deep Security and download the complete case studies.

United Way of Atlanta, Georgia, US

“Today, with Deep Security, threats are stopped and the bulk of the server is still viable and in use while the threat is managed. Hypervisor-level security really works. Deep Security has been a very good fit in our data centre and provides excellent protection for our virtualised servers and desktops and our continually changing environment. I love it”

– Orinzal Williams, Executive Director

Southern Waste Systems LLC, Florida, US

“I did the Deep Security deployment myself—it was less than a day for the roll out across 100 virtual machines. Overnight, I saw our memory resource utilisation go down by 27%. Now with our virtual environment protected by Deep Security, I don’t think I spend even one hour a week on maintenance. As I bring up new virtual desktops, they auto-register with Deep Security and the current security profile and definitions are automatically extended. I don’t have to do anything.”

– Nick Casagrande, Director of IT

SCHMIEDER it-solutions, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

“Through the concept of the agentless virtual appliance, Deep Security simplifies security processes considerably and allows for more efficient utilisation of resources, especially when compared to conventional anti-malware solutions… With its centralised approach, Deep Security is the only way for us to offer our customers a truly secure environment that performs well.”

- Holger Schmieder, CEO

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