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Custom Defense Solution Delivers Proactive Cyber Security

Protect your information against targeted attacks

Trend Micro Custom Defense is the only cyber security solution that enables the complete lifecycle needed to detect, analyze, adapt and respond to targeted attacks.

Trend Micro Deep Discovery drives the Custom Defense solution with the same advanced threat detection capabilities that Interpol relies on for its global investigations.

Deep Discovery delivers the best threat detection, deepest cyber intelligence, and lowest security TCO of any solution available on the market today.

Standard security products and point solutions are no match for cyber threats

Security analysts and experts recommend an advanced threat protection system to detect and stop advanced persistent threats (APTs) and targeted attacks. The Trend Micro Custom Defense solution integrates cyber security software, global threat intelligence, and specialized tools and services to provide you with custom insight about the specific threats involved. Recent advances in command and communication (C&C) response help you stop suspicious behavior before your intellectual property is compromised. With in-depth intelligence about your attackers, you can shut them down.

Stop the damage from targeted attacks with Trend Micro Deep Discovery

Trend Micro Deep Discovery detects and identifies evasive threats in real time. It also provides the in-depth analysis and actionable threat intelligence that drives the Trend Micro Custom Defense Solution.  Advanced threat detection and targeted integration with other security products allows you to adapt and respond to your attackers at multiple points with comprehensive cyber security. Custom signatures and custom-defined sandboxes stop your attackers from taking your valuable information.

Only Deep Discovery integrates custom sandboxing, adaptive blacklisting, plus C&C detection with email and web gateway, endpoint, and server security—so you can detect, analyze, adapt, and respond to targeted attacks across your enterprise.The advanced threat detection capabilities of Deep Discovery integrate with third-party security products and the following Trend Micro gateway, endpoint, and server security products.

 InterScan Web Security at the gateway

 InterScan Messaging Security  at the gateway

 Deep Security: physical, virtual, and cloud servers

ScanMail Suite for Microsoft Exchange mail server

ScanMail Suite for IBM Domino mail server

OfficeScan endpoint security platform

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