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Instant-On Security for the Cloud

Reduce cost and complexity with the broadest protection, fully integrated with the leading cloud services platforms


Security in the cloud is a shared responsibility. That means customers and cloud service providers must work together to protect applications and data, meet compliance regulations, and ensure business continuity. If your security doesn’t go beyond the native cloud, then you probably are not meeting your shared responsibility. You can increase overall protection and reduce administration by building elastic security into your cloud architectures.

Powered by the Deep Security platform, Trend Micro Hybrid Cloud Security solution delivers instant-on security for the cloud with the broadest range of security capabilities available to meet your application and data security needs while helping you achieve compliance. With cloud security built for AWS, Azure, and vCloud Air architectures, cost and complexity is dramatically reduced through automated instance security provisioning and workload-aware security policy, as well as efficient administration and reporting tools. Integration with the leading CSP platforms and developer tools makes it fast and easy to deploy. And it’s from Trend Micro, the global market-share leader in server security for physical, virtual, cloud, and hybrid environments.

Choose Trend Micro cloud security to:

  • Protect data and applications running in the cloud with the broadest range of security capabilities to meet your security and compliance requirements.
  • Dramatically reduce cost and complexity with automated security provisioning and workload-aware security policies.
  • Support government or industry standards with security built to the highest standards, including common criteria EAL 4+.
  • Integrate seamlessly with cloud management tools such as AWS CloudFormation, RightScale, Chef, and Puppet to automate security deployments.
  • Minimise administrative cost and complexity with a single security console to manage server security across physical, virtualised, and cloud environments.

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Hybrid Cloud Security Solution: Powered by the Deep Security Platform

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Hybrid Cloud Security

Trend Micro™ Deep Security™ platform

Explore the benefits of Deep Security for:
Amazon Web Services

Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Azure

vCloud Air

Security Capabilities

Protects applications and data with comprehensive security

To be effective, security in your data centre must be able to dynamically follow your servers, protect your unpatched servers from vulnerabilities, conduct real-time monitoring, and provide instant protection. Trend Micro’s cloud security provides the broadest set of security capabilities to do all of the above and more to keep your applications and data safe.

Key Features Include:
Anti-malware, Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), Advanced Host Firewall, Integrity Monitoring, Log Inspection, Application Scanning, and Encryption.

Optimised to deliver the full benefits of cloud computing

Trend Micro’s Deep Security platform makes it fast and easy to secure cloud instances. Security is managed from an integrated administrative console that automatically provides a single up-to-date view of your security posture in the cloud environment.

  • Easy deployment of host security compatible with the leading cloud deployment tools (e.g., Chef, Puppet, RightScale, OpsWorks, Salt, etc.) means security can be built into current elastic environments.
  • Instant-On security lets new instances be automatically recognised at launch with security initiated, to dramatically reduce the risk of any instances going unprotected.
  • Automatic policy application for specific customisable policy templates are applied based on instance information, so the right policies are applied to the right servers, automatically.
  • Instance inventory display shows those instances associated with the cloud account and their current statuses.


Trend Micro’s security solutions are designed for the cloud, including support of the most common platforms:
AWS  Microsoft Azure  vmware

Deep Security Overview Learn how Deep Security can help

Easy Administration

Reduce operational costs with easy deployment and administration

Manage security for all your deployments—across physical, virtual, and cloud—from one central dashboard. Managing security is easy with a single dashboard that allows continuous monitoring of multiple controls. Robust reporting and alerting help you focus on what’s important so you can quickly identify issues and respond accordingly.



Achieves cost-effective compliance

Major compliance requirements for PCI DSS 3.0, as well as HIPAA, NIST, SAS 70, and others are addressed with:

  • Detailed, auditable reports that document prevented vulnerabilities, detected attacks, and policy compliance status.
  • Support for internal compliance initiatives to increase visibility of internal network activity
  • Proven technology certified to Common Criteria EAL4+.
  • Data Protection with FIPS 140-2 validated encryption for maximum privacy and secure data destruction capabilities.
  • Continuous Application Scanning to detect vulnerabilities.


Trend Micro’s cloud security is built on the Deep Security platform. Already selected by thousands of global customers to protect millions of servers, it powers Trend Micro's Hybrid Cloud Security solution, providing market-leading security capabilities for physical, virtual, and cloud servers from a single integrated platform.

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